Case Manager-MHA

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Job Title: Rehabilitative Case Manager - QMHP-CS - Adult Mental Health Services


Provide Rehabilitative Case Management (RCM) for consumers of The Gulf Coast Center (GCC).  Primary responsibility will be coordinating and implementing RCM as part of an interdisciplinary team.  Within the scope of the team, will be responsible for consultation with other team members on RCM issues; developing full range of options in the community settings; rehabilitation self management and wellness strategies; coordinating medical documentation within medication checkups for GCC consumers, and technical assistance as part of the team in an individual and/or group capacity.


Rehabilitative Case Manager will receive direct supervision from the Program Manager.


Requires a bachelor's degree, or equivalent in the behavioral sciences field of study, from an accredited college or university, and/or specialized QMHP certification.


  • Two years full-time experience in human services preferred. 


  • General knowledge of mental disorders.
  • Self motivated with good time management skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to establish cooperative relationships with consumers and their families.
  • Mature problem solving approach to daily work.
  • Knowledge of local social service network.
  • Ability to express self clearly and effectively, orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrated ability to work within a team approach.
  • Demonstrated PC skills.


  • Non-exempt under Fair Labor Standards Act.

Working conditions

  • Majority of work is in the office and/or community.
  • May require irregular work hours.
  • May periodically transport consumers in personal and/or Gulf Coast Center Vehicle.
  • Requires current Texas Driver's License, reliable transportation safe and current with all State requirements, and liability insurance.
  • Out of region travel may be required.


Treatment Team Member (Essential)

  • Identifies a current and discreet caseload as part of an interdisciplinary team.
  • Serve as a member of the treatment team coordinating and providing services as needed.
  • Actively participate in team meetings as evidenced by discussion that is not only specific to assigned caseload.
  • Display professionalism and team membership when representing program.
  • Personnel vacancy may result in temporary increase of caseload.
  • Maintain contact with designated staff on a daily basis regarding current work area and retrieval of messages.

Rehabilitative Treatment Provider (Essential)

  • Provides RCM self management strategies and clinical coordination to individuals, groups, and family members as defined by GCC.
  • Provides crisis services to consumers and walk-ins to the clinic as needed, and may also provide LOC-5 ?transitional services?  (crisis relapse prevention and follow up-to consumers engaged in level of care 5..
  • Provides 85 documented face to face hours of direct service per month for consumers and/or family members for Field RCM staff.
  • Provides 40 documented face to face hours of direct service per month to consumers and/or family members for Office RCM staff.
  • Office RCM staff may carry an additional caseload (LOC 2 and LOC 3) with TRR minimum service hours required
  • Monitors consumers' requirements within TRR Model to ensure required services are offered including 85% or 40% minimum service hours are met for assigned caseloads'.
  • Assure treatment provided to consumer relates to the individualized goals and objectives identified on the treatment plan.
  • Utilizes a variety of skills training in conjunction with the IMR (Illness Management and Recovery Model) and may utilize the following intervention strategies; instruction, positive feedback, repetition, role play, behavioral reversal, in-vivo practice, and coaching.

Billing/Documentation (Essential)

  • Enters accurate and appropriate RCM billing and documentation within 24 hours of service as appropriate to consumers' treatment plan and assignment in CMHC. 
  • Maintains compliance with all documentation for consumers as assigned and as required by the GCC policies and procedures within caseload.
  • Conducts ANSA (Adult Needs Strength Assessment) for consumers as required and assigned.
  • Participate in Medicaid Administrative Claiming process.

Training (Essential)

  • Maintains as current all levels of training as directed by GCC.
  • Conducts the Adult Needs & Strengths Assessment (ANSA) every 6 months or as clinically necessary for individuals in services.
  • Responsible for ensuring the completion of initial & annual ANSA recertification pursuant to the Praed Foundation & DSHS performance contract. Any lapse in certification will result in formal disciplinary action. Certified QMHP-CS, practitioners are also responsible for participating in the annual quality assurance training activity performed by the identified ANSA-Super User.

Corporate Compliance (Essential)

  • Strict adherence to the professional, ethical, and legal requirements set forth in the Center's Business Code of Conduct as well as the Corporate Compliance Plan.

Special Projects (Essential)

  • Assist supervisor when requested to complete special projects and completes all assignments within a time frame negotiated with the supervisor.