Assistant Lawn Manager

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Job Title: Assistant Lawn Manager


Drive lawn trucks and trailers. (E)

  • Must have valid driver's license and be insured to drive vehicles on State roadways.
  • Must be a safe driver.

Operating lawn mowing equipment. (E)

  • Be familiar with lawn maintenance equipment operation. Equipment is lawn tractors, gas powered weed cutters, tree trimmers, edgers etc.

Manage and direct other lawn crew maintenance technicians. (E)

  • Direct and work with maintenance technicians that may have IDD or Mental Health attributes.

Purchase fuel and lawn equipment. (N)

  • This duty is mostly done by the Lawn Crew manager. However, in the Lawn Crew manager's absence, this duty goes to the Lawn Crew Assistant Manager.

Lawn Equipment Maintenance (N)

  • This work is done or directed to be done by the Lawn Crew Manager. This skill will be learned from the Lawn Crew Manager.

Maintain Effective Customer Service (E)

  • Maintain effective communication with staff & vendors. Return calls & emails within 24 hours. Address inquiries & issues, Including complaints. 

Assist with Emergency Operations (E)

  • Protect & board up facilities, transporting of vehicles. Assist with measures as needed in the aftermath of emergencies.

Professional Development & Training Compliance (E)

  • Maintain compliance with Center trainings. Participate in job-related and Emergency training opportunities.

Assist with Center Special Events (E)

  • Deliver supplies & assist with Center special events. Set up tents, displays, etc.