Case Manager - HEI

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HEI Case Manager


To provide comprehensive service coordination, education, on communicable diseases, support for disease Management and recovery from substance abuse behavior to HIV infected persons identified as having substance problems associated with abuse or dependence in Galveston and Brazoria Counties. Working within a team environment, duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Screening, assessment, and enrollment of clients into the HIV Early Intervention Case Management Program;
  • Coordinating community resources to adults w/HIV disease and past or present history of alcohol/substance abuse and/or prescription medication abuse (including outpatient or residential treatment if necessary);
  • Presenting HIV education and risk reduction programs for outpatient treatment clients and community and interagency groups/organizations that market the program design to the target population and other services providers working with that population;
  • Performing-or providing access to HIV antibody testing and counseling;
  • Participation in community planning groups and consortia associated with HIV service planning; Completing back up documentation and quarterly reports per DSHS standards;
  • Participation in weekly staff meetings and treatment planning (as needed);
  • Assisting HIV Program Director in program planning and evaluation;
  • Assisting in developing grant proposals for additional HIV and at-risk services (upon request).
  • May require use of personal automobile. May require evening and weekend hours as well as home visits. Must have a valid TX driver's license, reliable transportation, personal-automobile insurance and mobile phone.

Education, Experience and Training

All direct care staff shall have one of the following credentials:

  • Bachelor of Social Work (BSW); Licensed Social Worker (LSW); Master of Social Work (MSW);
  • Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW); Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW); Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC);
  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC);  or LCDC-intern with either 2,000 hours or successful completion of state exam
  • Be in training to become a Qualified Credentialed Counselor (QCC); or
  • Have four years case management experience in a social work-related field.


  • Be knowledgeable in clinical aspects of HIV and other communicable diseases associated with substance use and abuse with ability to address health concerns and risks associated with substance abusing behaviors to the target population;
  • Possess demonstrated experience in the use of counseling skills associated with Motivational Interviewing Model, including how to implement guidelines associated with Stages of Changes,or be enrolled to participate in training on Service Planning and Motivational Interviewing within 60 days of hire;
  • Must be able to operate a computer and be proficient in MS Word, MS Excel: and MS Outlook; Preferred but not required: Knowledge of BHIPS, (Behavioral Health Integrated Provider System); Possess extensive knowledge of available social service, medical, and community resources; Must be able to work independently and organize work effectively using time management tools;
  • Must be able to be nonjudgmental of clients, develop productive relationships with the diverse client population, and have good interpersonal communication and teaching skills with the diverse client population;
  • Must be able to articulate clearly, using good grammar verbally and in writing, as well as ability to make constructive use of professional supervision.
  • Must be able to type at least 30 WPM with 80% accuracy

Job Duties & Performance Standards

Enroll clients meeting admission criteria into the HEI Program.

  • Scores an average of 5 on all evaluations, being responsible for the following:
  • Completes Client Profile per DSHS standards
  • Completes Screening per DSHS standards
  • Completes Assessment per DSHS standards
  • Completes Services Plan per DSHS standards
  • Completes Referrals and follow-ups per DSHS standards
  • Completes all case management notes- per DSHS standards

Documents services provided per current Center recording policies and procedures and DSHS standards.

  • All documentation is complete, accurate, and clean per Center and DSHS standards, and performed within established time frames.

Perform or provide comprehensive service coordination for the target population (persons HIV infected and identified as having a history of being chemically dependent or substance abuser  as defined in the DSMIV).

  • Provide comprehensive service coordination (including transporting HEI clients if need be) in the following areas for persons infected with HIV and identified as having a history of being chemically dependent or substance abuser:
  • Provide HEI client access to screening for TB and/or STDs;
  • Provide HEI client access to necessary medical services, including but not limited to: 1) laboratory analyses to monitor HIV status; 2) prescriptions for ?antiviral medication and prophylaxis for opportunistic infections; 3) association with HIV knowledgeable primary care physician; 4) alternative treatments used to slow down or prevent HIV disease progression;
  • Provide HEI client access including their families and/or significant others, to necessary social services, including but not limited to: 1) legal counseling; 2) mental health counseling; 3)-child care while at scheduled appointments for medical treatment or SA treatment; 4)  transport to and from HIV or treatment related appointments, child welfare and family services, social  services  advocacy,  housing,  support groups, health and wellness education, and nutritional counseling.

Perform or provide HEJ client access to HIV antibody testing and counseling.

  • Either performs or coordinates HEI client access, including providing transportation, to HIV antibody testing and counseling.

Provide interim services for persons on waiting list for substance abuse treatment.

  • Interim services for persons on substance abuse treatment wait list will include, at a minimum, counseling and education about: 1) HIV and TB; 2) the risks of needle sharing; 3) the risks of transmission to sexual partners and infants; 4) referral for HIV and TB treatment services if necessary; 5) for pregnant women, counseling on the effects of alcohol and drug use on the fetus as well as referral-for prenatal care.

Presents HIV education and risk reduction programs for outpatient  treatment clients and community and interagency groups/organizations that market the program design to the target population and other services providers working with that population.

  • Conducts these presentations on an assigned basis.

Participation in community planning groups and consortia-associated with HIV service planning.

  • Will initiate and maintain memberships or actively participates in community planning groups and consortia associated with HIV service planning; seek out opportunities to establish Memorandums of Understanding with agencies working with the target population, Participation will be documented in DSHS quarterly report.

Completes all documentation and required DSHS reports per DSHS -standards within specified timeframe; maintain DSHS contract performance measures.

  • All DSHS required reports shall be accurate and completed within time frames set by the State.

Participates in weekly HIV Program staff meetings; participates in weekly SA staff meetings as a member of the SA treatment team (as requested).

  • Attends weekly HIV Program staff meetings; assists primary SA counselors with intake and treatment planning process (as requested).


  • Attend all mandatory Center trainings in accordance with Center policy. Attend all meetings requested by the Clinical Supervisor, Administrative Supervisor, and/or Program Manager. Ensure copies of certificates received from trainings are sent to the Administrative Assistant for employee file.

Other reasonably related job duties as assigned by the HIV Program director or Recovery Program Manager

  • Completed assigned tasks by due date or informs supervisor why the established due date is not possible

Strict adherence to the professional, ethical and legal requirements set forth in the Center's Business Code of Conduct as well as the Corporate Compliance Plan.

  • Will at all times conduct self in a manner consistent with professional standards as set forth in the Centers Business Code of Conduct and Corporate Compliance Plan.