Case Manager - YBHS

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Job Title: Case Manager-YBHS

Program: Youth Behavioral Health Services

County: Galveston/Brazoria

Position Type: Non-supervisory, Non- Exempt

Supervision: Program Manager

Required Education: Requires a baccalaureate degree or equivalent in the behavioral sciences field of study from an accredited college or university and/or specialized QMHP certification.

Training and Experience: 

  • One year related Mental Health experience is preferred.
  • Work related experience with children preferred.
  • Computer/navigation skills required.

Working Conditions:

  • Standard office environment;
  • May require irregular work hours and site travel;
  • May periodically transport consumers;
  • Requires current Texas Driver's License, reliable transportation and liability insurance.
  • Will require field based service delivery.

Position Summary:

Provide treatment through Texas Resiliency and Recovery for children and adolescents enrolled in mental health services with The Gulf Coast Center (GCC).  Primary responsibility will be to coordinate and implement TRR as a member of the interdisciplinary team.   Within the scope of the team, will be responsible for consultation with other team members; developing full range of natural support options within the community settings; monitoring youth's assigned level of care; and assuring all documentation required for the chart is completed as required.  Complete or coordinate completion of the CANS, Person Centered Recovery Plan, Recovery Plan Review, and all required consents and documents necessary to meet Center and HHSC standards.  Provide training, psychiatric assessment, psychiatric treatment, crisis management, and coordination of services, both internal and external to GCC, for consumers to assigned caseload.


  • General knowledge of mental disorders and child development;
  • Self-motivated with good time management skills;
  • Effective interpersonal skills; 
  • Ability to establish cooperative relationships with youth and their families;
  • Mature problem solving approach to daily work;
  • Knowledge of local social service network;                                                       
  • Ability to express self clearly and effectively, verbally and in writing;
  • Ability to provide sensitivity toward family needs and preferences when providing on-going services and crisis intervention;
  • Ability to work cooperatively with immediate work group and individuals external to the program;
  • Ability to maintain a self directed approach to assigned work duties;
  • Ability to accept responsibility and exercise independent judgment in making decisions.           

Job Description:

Essential Duties/Functions:

  • Service Delivery (Essential)
  • Treatment Team Member (Essential)
  • QMHP-CS Treatment Provider (Essential)
  • Training (Essential)
  • Corporate Compliance (Essential)
  • Meeting Performance Standards (Essential)
  • Special Projects (Essential and Non-Essential)

Job Duties:

  • Manage assigned caseload as part of an interdisciplinary team following program procedures.  Provide services authorized by valid Recovery plan and CANS.
  • Conducts initial screenings by telephone or in person and provides crisis intervention and referrals as appropriate.  Face to face screenings should on average be completed within 30 minutes. 
  • Conducts the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) every 3 months or as clinically indicated for individuals as required & assigned.  Pursuant to the Praed Foundation & the HHSC performance contract requirement, responsible for ensuring completion of initial CANS certification at time of hire & annual recertification thereafter; any lapse in certification will result in formal disciplinary action.   Certified practitioners are also responsible for participating in annual quality assurance training activity performed by the identified CANS Super User.
  • Ensures that all necessary consent forms are fully completed.  Obtains all pertinent records available from external agencies.
  • Displays knowledge in the area of TRR to assure proper protocol is followed during each intake scheduled.
  • Ensures that all necessary consent forms are completed.  Obtains all pertinent records available from external agencies.
  • Will complete QMHP assessment necessary to determine level of care recommended for service delivery.  Completes all Center required forms including but not limited to, Client Rights and TRR documentation completely, legibly and accurately.
  • Conduct adequate assessment of consumer's history prior to initiating services.  Assessment should include review of chart documentation, and consultation with other team members.
  • Assures all documentation required for TRR, as well as other forms required by Center policy are completed correctly and filed in each youth file. Work to assure CANS and Recovery Plans are valid limiting expiration of these documents. 
  • Establishes an initial Person-centered Recovery plan, with client and family input indicating individualized problems, goals, and SMART objectives following the TRR model.  Necessary signatures obtained prior to expiration of previous Recovery plan/review.
  • Complete adequate review of services provided in previous treatment period and document progress towards objectives.   Complete and document discussion regarding services, goals, and objectives for upcoming treatment period with youth and LAR present.    Necessary signatures obtained prior to expiration of previous treatment plan/review.
  • Document appropriate detail (amount and content) in all sections of notes, clear indication that service provided supports individualized treatment goals and objectives, and support medical necessity for service provided and need to continue.
  • Provide skills training, parent training, and medication training and support as determined by state curricula.  Consistently delivers services with means to earn fidelity to the model.  Document in accordance with fidelity tool kit for each service.
  • Provide crisis services to consumers and walk-ins to the clinic as needed.
  • Adhere to Voice and Choice Philosophy significant to the Wraparound Approach to Intensive Case Management as a Wraparound Team Member.
  • Monitor frequency of each service provided under TRR to assure requirements of assigned Level of Care are met.
  • Utilize Smartcare reports in order to consistently monitor and complete required documentation as indicated by contract standards.  (Including minimum time plus staff time reports.)
  • All documentation is complete, accurate and clear as required by GCC Consumer Records Procedure within 2 business days and ready to be filed within 7 days.
  • Conducts service delivery in accordance with Child and Adolescent Service Standards as defined by state and local authority.  Assures services are not provided on assigned youth should the Recovery plan and/or CANS not be valid.
  • Identifies, arranges, advocates and collaborates with other agencies to assure an effective planned referral, discharge or transfer of services.  Includes completion of service summary, transfer discharge summary, and request for fair hearing letter to be sent.
  • Strict adherence to the professional, ethical, and legal requirements set forth in GCC's Business Code of Conduct as well as the Corporate Compliance Plan.  Consistent adherence to the Center's Dress Code.
  • Maintain current status of all required trainings as directed by GCC.
  • Actively participates in team meetings and other clinical staffings.  Remains attentive with professional mannerisms throughout duration of meetings.
  • Displays professionalism and team membership when representing program throughout daily work.
  • Uses mature problem solving approach in daily work and interactions with consumers as well as colleagues.
  • Maintain contact with designated staff regarding current work area and daily retrieval of phone and electronic messages.  Maintain contact with immediate supervisor regarding flextime.
  • Implements "Fish" philosophy in approach to assigned work duties.  Emphasizes principles of philosophy when collaborating with co-workers and during service provision.
  • Meets or exceeds the established performance requirement for entire caseload each month.  Meets all productivity measures determined by leadership staff.
  • Assists supervisor as requested to complete special projects.
  • Completes all assignments within a time frame negotiated with the supervisor.
  • Participates in Administrative Claiming process as required.